Thursday, July 15, 2010

Kaimaki #1

[This is a photo borrowed from Nordljus. There is a link on this site and the recipe for this recipe sounds incredible. I will make when all the ingredients are with me!]

I made my first kaimaki ice cream last night, a.k.a. mastic ice cream. It's pretty good. I managed to capture the taste but I want to continue the testing. I am using a Krupps LaGlaciere ice cream maker.

Here's the recipe I used:
1c. 2% milk
2c heavy cream
1t mastic powder
1/2c sugar

Kaimaki #2, to try next
3c Greek yogurt
3/4c white sugar [ack! need subsitute]
1 t. mastic powder

Greek Yogurt Dessert

This sounds yummy.....

3c Greek yogurt
1T lemon juice
5T honey
10 chopped fresh mint leaves

Stir the first two ingredients together. Combine honey and mint then stir into first mixture creating ribbons. Freeze for 1-2 hours.

Kali Mera!

Hello Greek friends!

This blog is to aggregate our forays into Greek culture now that we are far way from the Cyclades. Phonetics are going to be my default language-wise but a reminder nonetheless.

I know at least some of us will be attempting to replicate the culinary delights we discovered in Greece so let's swap notes and resources. Of course I started with mastic! Courtney, any attempts at tomato balls?

I hope you will join in and weave Greece into our lives.

Ya mas!